School Values Taught by Global Sevilla International School in Jakarta

3 School Values Taught by Global Sevilla International School in Jakarta

As is known, school is a place for students to learn many things. They will learn several essential aspects, including life, positive values, emotional development, and academic goals. Therefore, as an international school in Jakarta, Global Sevilla applies three crucial values.  It is useful to give students the best skills in academics and character building. Here is the explanation!

Compassion Values

In the value of compassion, students will learn about many things, especially generosity, honesty, and kindness. To implement this attitude, the Institute provides opportunities for its students to participate in the local community. One of the programs that can be chosen is community service. Through these activities, students can understand their emotions and how to behave with each other.

Besides that, Global Sevilla provides a good curriculum to develop the values ​​of compassion for students, even from an early age. From kindergarten to secondary level students are taught to help others without focusing on different aspects such as race, ethnicity, social background, religion, and finances.

Giving Values

In delivering values ​​at an international school in Jakarta, students will learn to help each other without expecting anything in return. It forms the habit and attitude of students to be generous and help each other selflessly. Students need to have this value to share happiness with others even in simple things.

Value of Self Control

In addition to the value of giving and love, self-control is an essential attitude in everyday life. This value is very important to avoid bad behavior and achieve long-term goals. Global Sevilla applies this positive value as a method to make students have good character when studying in the classroom. This value is also useful for balancing academic abilities and student character.

With the value of self-control, students at an international school in Jakarta will have quite good abilities in several aspects. They can regulate the performance of thoughts, emotions, and how to respond appropriately. As a result, after graduating from this school they will have a positive character. This will be useful in social life, school, and academic environment in the future.

Overall, Global Sevilla has a significant role in helping to shape the mindset and behavior in students’ lives. The purpose of implementing these values ​​in school can have an impact on increasing self-control to use logic rather than emotions. In the values ​​of compassion, they will learn that all humans are equal and valuable. Giving grades can shape students to be kind and caring for one another.